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Youthful Lift Eye Serum

Youthful Lift Eye Serum

Our Price: $70.00


Luxurious, Firms, Lifts & Sculpts Upper Eye Area

Sagging Upper and Lower Eye Contours | Deep Lines & Wrinkles | Under Eye Circles Glycated & Discolored | Dark Shadows | Sun-Damaged | Puffiness | Stressed | Aging

For All Skin Types, Maturing and Mature - 0.50 FL. OZ.

This luxurious, radically lifting and smoothing super-serum addresses all major changes that the aging eye experiences: lines and wrinkles, dark shadows, puffiness, loss of volume and firmness and most difficult area to treat – the sagging upper lid.

, a clinically-tested synergistic blend of two plant extracts, Persian Silk Tree and Holy Herb, is the first ingredient to visibly lift the upper eyelid by 20% up to 91%. The eye contour’s structural integrity is fortified, elasticity is restored, and the contraction capacity of the lid is measurably bolstered. Never before has the eyelid been so supported and vitalized leaving the eyes looking visibly lifted and younger-looking.

BeautifeyeTM is designed to rejuvenate the total area around the eye. Clinical tests show:

• Lifts the fold of the eyelid
• Fills in the wrinkles by reducing their volume and depth, while smoothing the crow’s feet area • Fades the dark circles by protecting and strengthening the microvascular network in order to avoid the capillary leakages that lead to the appearance of a red, bluish and brownish color • Removes the accumulation of lipofuscin, a yellow-brown pigment composed of various cell residues, that accumulates in the skin giving it a tired appearance
• Counteracts sagging by protecting the extracellular matrix from damage generated by pollution and glycation, increasing collagen and elastin synthesis

Illuminating Contour Lift delivers exclusive Anti-Gravity & High Energy Light Deflection Technologies for unprecedented age-corrective action in the eye area. Upper eyelid contours look firmer, more defined.

Anti-Gravity Technology resynchronizes elasticity, firmness and the skin’s natural lifting process for more defined facial contours.

Years of exposure to environmental agents, natural cellular aging, and the constant force of gravity pull- ing the skin downward, causes elastin structures to break down and skin resilience to diminish. Over time, photoaging causes elastin to become thicker and disorganized, resulting in the loss of firmness and density. With age, the production of elastin declines and the ECM (extracellular matrix) that surrounds it diminishes causing visible sagging and the loss of contours. The EDJ (epidermal-dermal junction) weakens, and the skin’s architecture declines, making lines and wrinkles more prominent.

UplevityTM antigravity tetrapeptide enhances the natural elements that maintain collagen and elastin fi- bers. When these fibers are correctly assembled they facilitate the union between the proteins and the ECM (extracellular matrix). UplevityTM reactivates firmness and flexibility, increasing skin tonicity and resistance to the test of time, for more defined, visibly lifted eyelid contours.

High Energy Light Deflection Technology helps shield skin from exposure to ‘aging’ light emitted by smartphones, tablets and computer screens.

New research shows that skin damage caused by High Energy Visible (HEV) light (aka “near UV”, or a high frequency light in the violet/blue band with wavelengths from 400 to 500nm) may be as harmful as the dam- age caused by UVA and UVB light combined.

Computers, flat-screen TVs, mobile phones and devices, energy efficient cool white daylight or full spectrum lights, all provide constant exposure to the HEV lights, now considered to be a leading source of free radi- cals. The damaging effects may include: weak barrier function, increased dryness and sensitivity, lines and wrinkles, loss of firmness and uneven pigmentation.

Melanin, a widely occurring pigment within the animal and plant kingdom, has been long considered photo- protective. While natural melanin produced in human skin protects from the broad spectrum of sunlight, its absorbance is relatively low in the HEV region, and may be insufficient to effectively shield the skin from HEV light.

LiposhieldTM (phyto-melanin) is a fractionated melanin compound from vegetable origin, de- signed to be used topically as an additional environmental defense against high energy blue/violet visible light. It is designed to shield the skin from the HEV light and scavenge radicals generated by the sources of HEV light, both indoors and outdoors.

To complete the total, eye contour transformation and minimize the signs of 3-Dimensional Aging, this ex
- quisite serum also features age-corrective TR-6 Complex.

Time Reversal Complex (TR-6) delivers multi-targeted, multi-beneficial actions to correct visible aging in all skin types - regardless of age and ethnicity. TR-6 is a remarkable blend of 6 unique age-corrective tech- nologies that include:

Multi-action niacinamide
Architectural peptides
Cell-signaling CT-peptide* Repairing phyto-regulators Protecting plant stem cells

* CT-CorneoTherapy peptide


Problem | Upon aging, the efficiency of the cellular communication network, including skin cell receptors, slows down and has major breakdowns. During this time some signals are received and others are not. Stress, UV exposure and inflammation cause our receptors to become “deaf” to the messages sent to them by the surrounding cells. Once disconnected, cells can no longer play their normal role in repairing and pro- tecting the skin, which results in lower rate of cellular turnover and weaker barrier function.

Solution | Rubixyl®, a nature inspired, cell-signaling corneotherapy peptide that reinforces viability of the stressed and damaged receptors ensuring that optimal cellular communication is re-established. Seven key epidermal proteins are restored and lipid synthesis is increased; the result is enhanced firmness and moisture retention, visible lessening of deep wrinkles and crow’s feet, and indescribable skin smoothness.


Problem | The skin suffers daily micro-lesions which alter skin’s essential barrier and protective functions. To fight against these aggressions, the skin cells orchestrate a highly regulated repair process. When stress and aging disrupt this complex process, the renewal of damaged tissues is slowed down.

Solution | Carob Seed Extract provides phyto-repair molecules to restore the balance of natural re- generative systems depleted by age and accelerates the recovery of stressed skin tissue. Synthesis of growth factors and tissue repair mediators are encouraged, promoting the re-colonizing and reconstruction of damaged skin. Signs of redness are rapidly reduced as the skin’s healthy glow returns and volume and resilience increase.


Niacinamide, the multitasking form of vitamin B3, orchestrates multi-pronged reparative synthesis of skin- rebuilding ceramides, filaggrin and many other proteins and lipids, for improved barrier, firmer, denser, more luminous skin.

Stem cells from Mung Bean Sprouts (vigna radiata) rescue and protect UV-damaged fibroblasts and re- duce the signs of photo damage induced inflammation that is at the root of wrinkle formation, skin sensitivity and loss of elasticity.

In consumer studies:
84% felt that their eye area was instantly transformed
92% felt their eye area appeared smoother
88% agreed that their eye area appeared firmer and tightened

TEMPTATION RESISTED: Women tempted by the cosmetic procedures and injections, decided to postpone them indefinitely.* *Results obtained following self-assessments.

AM | PM, dispense a pearl size drop onto ring finger and apply over eye contours, creases, puffiness and wrinkles above and below eyes, in gentle patting and sweeping motions.


Water (base), isododecane (slip agent), glycerin (hydrating), isoamyl laurate (conditioning), cyclopentasiloxane (breathable silicone), dimethicone (slip agent), polymethylsilsesquioxane (slip agent), dimethicone crosspolymer (thickener), niacinamide (multi-tasking cell energizer), cetyl PEG/PPG-10/1 dimethicone (emulsifier), nylon-12 fluorescent brightener 230 salt (light diffuser), acetyl tetrapeptide-2 (lifting peptide), hexapeptide-48 HCl (corneotherapy peptide), caprylic/capric triglyceride (emollient), sea salt (hydrating), albizia juli- brissin bark extract (multi-action contour corrector), caprylyl methicone (softening), hydrolyzed ceratonia siliqua (carob) seed extract (soothing phytorepair), tocopheryl acetate (freshness preservative), polyvinylalcohol crosspolymer (light diffuser), phenyl trimethicone (breathable silicone), phaseolus radiatus meristem cell culture extract (firming & soothing), decyl glucoside (co-emulsifier), melanin (antioxidant), sodium metabisulfite (protectant), synthetic fluorphlogopite (opacifying reflector), titanium dioxide (protecting), bismuth oxychloride (opacifier), iron oxides (opacifying), darutoside (dark shadow reducer), tin oxide (opacifying), ethylhexylglycerin (skin con- ditioner), phenoxyethanol.