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Cell Rejuvenation Booster

Cell Rejuvenation Booster

Our Price: $150.00


Activates Youthful Skin in 14 Different Ways

Aging, Mature and Menopausal Skin | Skin lacking firmness | Sun-Damaged Skin | Dull, tired, devitalized skin | Dehydrated and flaking skin | Red, Sensitive, Rosacea-prone Skin

All Skin Types, 1.7 fl oz

• Activates youthful skin 14 ways
• Addresses the 5 key processes biologists believe have most impact on cellular aging
• Fourteen different signs of aging are corrected within 2 days to 3 months
• Unlike any other anti-aging formula on the market
• Contains 5 anti-aging technologies in 1 perfect solution
• Over a decade of research, multiple patents
• 85% natural (including water)
• Amplifies effects of treatment modalities & procedures

Activate and restore the youthful nature of your skin with this exclusive combination of five anti-aging cell technologies. As its lightweight texture melts into the skin, this serum works overtime to correct 14 signs of aging including:

1. Lines & wrinkles minimized
2. Firmness repaired
3. Contours redefined
4. Clarity revealed
5. Tone evened
6. Hydration intensified
7. Smoothness refined
8. Radiance awakened
9. Redness calmed
10. Puffiness eliminated
11. Sun damage diminished
12. Fragile skin strengthened
13. Vitality recharged
14. Repair enhanced

The culmination of over a decade of scientific research and multiple patents, this revolutionary serum is the first to address the 5 key processes known by reparative and regenerative biologists to have the most impact on cellular aging. This skin transforming serum contains five different anti-aging cell technologies:

Problem | Activation-resistant stem cells
Solution | Activate youthful skin where it begins

As you age, skin cells die, youthful proteins decline and moisture-holding lipids decrease. Waiting to receive the molecular message to take the place of dying cells are reservoirs of adult stem cells hidden in microscopic niches within your skin. Recently, scientists discovered messengers in a North Atlantic alga reactivate dormant stem cells1 found in mature skin. Within days, skin is energized. Within weeks, skin appears regenerated. Contours become more defined, firmness returns, lines smooth and wrinkles are less noticeable.

Problem | Loss of cellular water
Solution | Boost cellular water

Vital for life-giving hydration, aquaporins are newly discovered cell membrane proteins known to channel water into cells. Unfortunately, these water channels decline with age. Skin may be hydrated, but little water is delivered inside cells. Skin looks flat, dull, lackluster. Remarkably, molecules from the Brazilian tree Piptadenia colubrina increases the presence of aquaporins up to 11 times. Within hours, a radiant plumpness is restored to cells while signs of unwanted puffiness are minimized.

Key Ingredients:

Hydrolyzed Algin | creates revitalizing environment to awaken skin’s dormant stem cells. Activates youthful firmness and smoother, healthier-looking skin.

Piptadenia Colubrina Peel Extract | molecules from this Brazilian tree increase the presence of aquaporins – the water channels in cell membranes – resulting in hydrated cells and more youthful looking and acting skin.

Arabidopsis Extract | contains enzymes that repair the most common form of DNA damage; skin begins to look younger within days.

Peumus Boldus Leaf Extract | a rich source of Resveratrol – a powerful antioxidant and sirtuin booster believed to protect against DNA damage and cell death, boost cellular antioxidant defenses and increase the lifespan of cells. Improves elasticity, reduces sensitivity and addresses deeper signs of aging.

Ergothioneine | the cell’s principal energizing antioxidant, restores power to cells, quenching age-producing radicals and supporting cellular activities from detoxification to the production of youthful proteins; within days, visible redness is calmed, signs of repair are enhanced, and an even tone and clarity begin to return to skin


After cleansing, place 6 pumps of serum into palm. While skin is still moist, with third finger apply serum first around eyes, sweeping outward to hairline, neckline, décolletage and behind neck. Immediately apply moisturizer followed by SPF 15 or higher during the day.